You are cordially invited to sign up for performing the master’s work: “The Yellow River Flows into the Sea”

Aug 16, 2021

Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese artist Ms. Shen Bei

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese dance artist Shen Bei, and commend her for decades of tireless dissemination of Chinese culture for her major achievements and to further promote Chinese art and culture. In order to thank her for her contribution to Minnesota, Center for Community Services, co-organizers and media will hold a series of celebrations from July 2021 to the end of this year.

The activities are mainly divided into four parts:

  • Media: Ms. Shen’s culture and art column, autobiography, solicitation of essays and video blessings, etc.;
  • Mr. Shen’s Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition will be held by Center for Community Services in September 2021;
  • Launching Shenpei Arts Studio website;
  • Shen Bei’s art seminar and final performance Mid-November 2021

St. Catherine University and Macalester College will co-organize Shen Bei Dance Seminar with Center for Community Services. Emily Wilcox, a well-known American expert on Chinese studies and Chinese dance studies, will attend the conference as the keynote speaker. “Yellow River Flows into the Sea” and Shen Bei’s excellent dance works exhibition. The main programs include “Weaving Net Dance”, “Partridge Flying”, “Buying Vegetables”, “Three Plum Blossoms”, “The Golden Hairpin Makes Spring”, “The Soul Haunts China”, etc. We will be openly recruiting actors to participate in the exhibition from now on. The main purpose of the program will be the active participation of community dance lovers. I hope that everyone can experience the creative spirit and profound cultural implication of “Shen Bei Dance” through active participation in the rehearsal. The dance show program will be presented to the audience in a special form of expression in conjunction with the interview with Mr. Shen Bei.

Brief introduction of Shen Bei : Member of Chinese Dancers Association, Chinese national first-level choreographer, famous artist in America. Born in Nanjing, China in 1936, he has been engaged in dance for 70 years. As an excellent performer, she served as the chief dancer for a long time in her early years and visited many countries around the world. As a choreographer, her works have won many awards; as a teacher, her students from China and the United States are everywhere; as an organizer, she has long served as the chief planner and chief director of major art events and overseas art troupes; as a theoretical researcher, she has published many articles and her book “The Order of Madness” won the National Excellent Book Award.