Anti-Asian Hate Forum

Mar 30, 2021

After extensive consultation, we have gathered over 20 pressing issues, one of which involves a Chinese family enduring four gun attacks. We invite everyone to join us this Saturday as we seek answers to your questions. This is a unique opportunity to engage with executives, but please note that Zoom capacity is limited.

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9:30 AM -10:00 AM CST Premeeting- History of Chinese Immigrants

10:00 AM-12:00 PM CST Forum-Safety of AAPI 86468492944?pwd= MEdxbGY2YjNUSzlSY3Y3ZllwdzN6UT 09

For the first time, the Minnesota Chinese community will engage in a discussion on Asian safety issues with the county sheriff. This is a rare and valuable opportunity due to the high standards set for this event. We encourage everyone to actively support and participate in discussions on safety issues that directly impact ourselves, our families, and the community.

The discussion will cover five important topics:

  1. Addressing violent crimes against Asians in Minnesota, including countermeasures, laws, and regulations.
  2. Ensuring the travel safety of residents.
  3. Alarm systems, rescue protocols, and emergency response measures.
  4. Preventing and avoiding attacks.
  5. Implementing security measures for small businesses.

These topics aim to shed light on crucial aspects of safety and seek effective solutions to protect our community.

Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations (AMCO) 明州华人华侨社团联合会 
Center for Community Service 明州社区活动中心
Alliance of Chinese Culture and Arts, USA 美中文化艺术联合会
Asian Media Access 
Beijing Association of Minnesota 北京同乡会
CAAM Chinese Dance Theater  CAAM 中国舞蹈学校
Causey & Ye Law, P.L.L.C. 考西叶氏律师事务所
Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble卡尔顿中乐团
China Insight 中国展望
China Tribune 华兴报
Chinese American Alliance 美国华裔联盟 
Chinese American Association of Minnesota 明州中美联谊会
Chinese American Culture and Friendship 中美文化友谊会
Chinese American Chamber of Commerce-MN 明州华人商业联合总会 
Chinese Musical Gallery  乡音筝苑
Edina Chinese Association 伊黛娜华人协会
Hongfa Law Firm 鸿发律师事务所
Hua Xia Chinese School 华夏中文学校
Hua Xing Arts Group of Minnesota 明尼苏达华星艺术团 
Hunan Folks Association  明州湖南同乡会
Kang Le Adult Daycare Center  康乐老年中心
Lao Sze Chuan 老四川
Ledian Chinese School 乐点中文学校
Lin Qiu & Ye Yu Music Studio 裘琳 & 余野音乐学校
Little Swan Dance Studio 小天鹅舞蹈团
Ma Mei Music Studio  马梅音乐工作室
Minnesota Chinese Chamber of Commerce 明州华人商会
Minnesota Chinese Cuisine Association 明州餐饮协会
Minnesota Chinese IT Association 明州华人信息技术协会
Minnesota Minghua Chinese School 明华中文学校
Minnesota Times 明州时报
Minnesota Traditional Chinese Medicine Association 明州中医协会  明州华人生活网 
Qilu Business Association of North American 北美齐鲁商会
Overseas Chinese Service Center of Minnesota 华助中心(明尼苏达) 
Shaanxi Folk Association 明州陕西同乡会
The Youth Overseas Chinese Culture Exchange Foundation中国青少年海外文化交流基金会
The Association  for Chinese American for Social Justice 美国华人联盟
Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet
Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center 双城华人舞蹈中心
University of Minnesota Chinese Students and Scholars Association 明尼苏达大学中国学生学者联谊会
US-China Restaurant Alliance 美中餐饮业联合会
Wei Ming Chiang Erhu Studio 郑伟民二胡乐坊
Xu Qian Studio 许倩乐坊
Yucai Chinese School 育才中文学校